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After-sales service

I. warranty terms
1. Free warranty date, from the purchase of the diary.
2. For warranty products, please show the purchase certificate or purchase record.
3. For the replacement of spare parts for more than one year, the price shall be charged according to the replacement price.
4. The toothbrush head belongs to the vulnerable accessories, which is not covered by the warranty.
5. Under any of the following circumstances, the warranty is not free.
(1) remove the fuselage during use, resulting in the failure of normal use of the toothbrush
(2) the purchase certificate or purchase record cannot be provided

Ii. Maintenance clause
Any damage caused by manufacturing process or components within one year of the purchase date shall be replaced free of charge;
In addition, please pay attention to our official WeChat to enjoy the service of extended warranty for one month.

  • Customer service telephone

  • 400-167 6668

  • Service time

  • Monday to Saturday:8:30---23:00

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